About Headtilt

A blog/projecty thing owned and occasionally operated by me, Rob Poulter.

I semi-regularly try to post in Ramble about tech stuff that interests me, and very occasionally about education (and mostly the stuff that infuriates me). I'm leaving the Classroom blog there in the vain hope I might be inspired to write something in there; the new Australian curriculum for Digital Technologies is helping a bit there, but it's still slow going.

I'm a serial project starter, but not a lot gets completed before I run into something else that's shiny that I want to investigate. I'm trying to be a bit more serious about getting my software projects finished, because my ideas folder keeps getting bigger and strangely I keep getting older.

About me

I'm a high school information technology teacher and have been working in Western Australia's south-west for over a decade now. I believe a lot of teaching is about being a passionate learner and so most of the things I like sharing tend to be about interesting technology rather than educational theory. If you came looking for a teacher's teachery site, then uh, sorry.