Lap Desk

I have pretty terrible posture and a persistent neck injury. Put the two together with a cheap computer desk and I needed something that encouraged good posture at home. Enter a slow day during the school holidays, the disgust that some simple googling couldn't come up with any interesting solutions that weren't engineered for laptops and the desire to avoid housework (I actually came up with the idea, got the bits from the hardware store, made the prototype and posted all this with the dishes half done).


  • 900x600x10 Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
  • About 150x30x10 pine board (I think what I bought was some cheap skirting material) 
  • 14 25mm self tapping screws
  • Some PVA glue for good measure
  • A strong desire for a jig saw, since cutting all this up by hand was a pain in the rear

I wanted something that would fit around me, so after cutting the MDF down to size (around 700x600) I cut it into a fat U shape and attached guides on either side of the chair arms so it couldn't slide off sideways. The MDF was a lot heavier than I expected from the heft I gave it at the store and I discovered it wasn't going to sit on my lap without my arms constantly holding it down at the sides, so I figured I'd put loops at the back of each arm that the armrests of the chair could hook into. A simple cross piece of the 30x10 board and a screw each side did the job nicely.

Some 'in progress' photos:


 The finished product.

The finished product.