by Rob Poulter

One of the really nice things about being a teacher (specifically a high school teacher where people specialise) is the really diverse skill sets of your workmates. I work with incredibly talented artists, workers of metal and wood, musicians and more. Often they will run after hours sessions for interested people on different skills; we have a long running woodworking class, an art class has started recently, and a couple of weeks ago I started doing some craft lessons with one of our art and jewellery teachers. I run after school bits (mostly for kids) on learning to code and really any other techy thing that someone wants to learn, but this isn't about what I do.

The thing I started out looking at, which the kids in jewellery have been learning recently, is chain maille (jewellery, not armour, although the same principles apply with a boatload of patience stirred in). I've only made a couple of simple bracelets so far, but it's been really nice getting out of what I normally do in my off hours (browse the web, tinker with code, play games) and fiddle with tiny rings of metal to make something that looks awesome.

I ordered a basic started kit from Aussie Maille and by the end of the day it arrived I'd used up half the materials they sent me.  I've ordered some anodised aluminium rings to practice working with different colours and then might work up to niobium and gold/silver when I know I'm less likely to screw things up.

I'll whack some more photos into the Things section when I've got something else to show off. 


 Byzantine (top-right) and European 4-in-1 (bottom-left) bracelets.

Byzantine (top-right) and European 4-in-1 (bottom-left) bracelets.