About Headtilt

Headtilt is a blog/project site run (and occasionally updated) by Rob Poulter.

Ramble is a loosely organised collection of posts, mostly about technology and other topics that might be interesting. Classroom contains posts that relate to education, and are mostly to do with technology use in highschool; with the Australian Curriculum for Digital Technologies it's intended to eventually have something that might be useful to other teachers there. It's slow going.

About Rob

Rob Poulter
Rob is a high school Digital Technology teacher who has been working in Western Australia's south-west since 2005. He believes a lot of teaching is about being a passionate learner and so most of the things which are shared tend to be about interesting technology rather than educational theory. If you came looking for a teacher's teachery site, then uh, sorry.

Rob is a serial project starter, but not a lot gets completed before he runs into something else that's shiny that needs investigating. He's trying (in vain) to be a bit more serious about getting software projects finished, because the ideas folder keeps getting bigger and strangely he keeps getting older.