Toots update

I got around to updating (I say update and I mean totally rewrite) my twitter script this weekend to clear out all the manual cruft that made it so painful to use when I first wrote it. I got a Twitter API key for it a while back so I didn't have to depend on someone else's search tool and can get mine to automatically store tweets via a cron and a SQLite database, and bolted on the really quite pretty pygal graphing library (seriously, go look, it's super nice) so I don't have to fiddle around with CSVs and Excel to make graphs.

The old script was pretty embarrassing, since it was barely a step up from eyeballing a Twitter feed punching in numbers to a spreadsheet myself. This one is much nicer, and has the potential to let me attach it to a web server and have it do its thing automatically.

It isn't often that I write code that I'm actually happy with, but this is pretty close.