Repeat is an iOS reminders app built around daily routines.

Want to be reminded of something at the same time every day? Apple's Reminders app will do that. What about multiple reminders for the same thing every day? History tracking so you can tell when you did things, either day by day or as a distribution throughout the day? Repeat is there for you.

Key features of Repeat:

  • Set alarms for each time you need to repeat a task during the day
  • Record that you've done it right from the lock screen notification, no need to open the app
  • Keep track of which days you've met your goal, as well days you've missed or gone over it
  • View hourly breakdowns of just when you do things throughout the day

Get Repeat from the iOS App Store now and start keeping better track of your daily tasks!

  (Requires iOS 9 or newer)

(Requires iOS 9 or newer)

Task Tracking

Repeat keeps track of your progress throughout the day for your tasks. When you repeat your task, the time is logged and you can see your progress in the main view: how many times you have done and have yet to do a task, as well as information on when the last time you repeated that task was.

Tasks can be set to repeat multiple times per day, and alarms can be set to remind you throughout the day. Swipe on alarms to mark tasks as done without opening the app.


The power of Repeat for habit formation comes from history tracking of your tasks.

You can easily view when you have met or missed targets in calendar view. Each day is coloured to indicate whether you met your target (green), were under your target (yellow) or were over your target (red). Tapping on an individual day will show you what time you repeated your tasks for that date.

Get an hourly breakdown of when you most commonly repeat your tasks through the Hour by Hour view. Use this to get an overview for when you are most conscious of your schedule and when you may need a reminder to get things done.