Repeat is an iOS reminders app built around daily routines.

Repeat: iOS reminders for daily routines

Want to be reminded of something at the same time every day? Apple's Reminders app will do that. What about multiple reminders for the same thing every day? History tracking so you can tell when you did things, either day by day or as a distribution throughout the day? Repeat is there for you.

Key features of Repeat:

  • Set alarms for each time you need to repeat a task during the day
  • Record that you've done it right from the lock screen notification, no need to open the app
  • Keep track of which days you've met your goal, as well days you've missed or gone over it
  • View hourly breakdowns of just when you do things throughout the day

Get Repeat from the iOS App Store now and start keeping better track of your daily tasks!

Get Repeat on the iOS App Store
Get Repeat on the App Store (requires iOS 9 or later)